Mt. Fuji Mountain Lodge Hut kamaiwakanMt. Fuji Mountain Lodge Hut kamaiwakan

Mt. Fuji Mountain Lodge Hut kamaiwakan

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Kamaiwakan-kan is the 4th hut of the Yoshida Trail’s 7th station in Yamanashi Prefecture.
It sit at 2790m (9153ft) above sea level which is perfect for altitude acclimatization.

The climbing time.
It takes 2 hours 30 minutes from 5th station to our hut.
It takes 3 hours 30 minutes from our hut to the summit.

    • Grand Opening in 2016.
    • Dinning hall/Common area
    • Interior renewal in 2021.
    • dormitory room
    • household altar, shelf of gods
    • View of the Golaiko (sunrise)
    • A solemn and mysterious view
    • Wonderful sea of ​​clouds
    • Kamaiwa original T-shirt

Kamaiwakan Online reservation system

The reservation reception starts from April 22st.

English version available


You can get a large map (PDF file) by clicking on the image.

Approach to Mt.Fuji

Access to Mt.Fuji

Price Range

Stay with a Dinner

Reservations for children will be priced the same as reservations for adults.

Weekday except Friday (Monday ~ Thursday) 1 person 13,000 yen (with tax)
Friday, Sunday, and Holidays. 1 person 14,000 yen (with tax)
Saturday and day before holidays. 1 person 15,500 yen (with tax)

Cancellation charge

We will charge cancellation fee starting 20 weeks before the appointed date. The fee will change depending on how close the appointed date is at the time of cancellation.
  • 140 days before appointed date: 5% of the accommodation fee
  • 20 days before appointed date: 30% of the accommodation fee
  • 9 days before appointed date: 50% of the accommodation fee
  • Day before appointed date: 80% of the accommodation fee
  • Cancel on the appointed date: 100% of the accommodation fee
  • No arrival on the appointed date: 100% of the accommodation fee




Mealtime is from 4:30 PM ~ 7:30 PM
(Meals served in order of arrival)
Please contact us if you plan on arriving late or your schedule is delayed.

For vegetarian guests, we can serve [Vegetable curry certified as Vegan product.] If you would like to choose this option, please select the vegetarian meal option when making a reservation or contact us.


We don’t offer breakfast but we have a store available inside the hut with different types of light foods, snacks, and drinks.

Check in/out

Check in 11a.m.~
Check out ~5a.m.

We kindly ask guests with dinner to arrive at the hut by 7:00 PM.



Cup noodle 550yen
Soft drink 500yen
beer 600yen
Red bull 450yen
Hot coffee 330yen
Bread / Snickers 280yen

Lights out

Lights in the resting area will be turned off at 7:00 PM~8:00 PM (Small lights will be left lit for guests going to bathroom during the night).

Lights outside the resting area will remain lit after 8:00 PM.
We still accept guests arriving after 8:00 PM.